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Minneapolis, MN DWI Representation

If you are facing criminal drunk driving charges anywhere in the state of Minnesota call James M. Ventura Attorney At Law today. We offer free initial consultations and can handle all aspects of your case, from charging and bail to license revocation and forfeiture. With over 30 years of experience as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer, we have the knowledge and ability to provide you with the professional and personalized representation you’ll need.

Our DWI representation services include:

  • Free initial consultations
  • Hearing representation
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Criminal charges and more

James M. Ventura is a licensed member of the County, State and Federal Bar Associations.

Contact James M. Ventura Attorney At Law today at 952-473-8064, or browse the website for more information about criminal defense, drug offense representation or personal injury.

DWI Representation