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Significantly Reduced Federal Sentence

Mr. Ventura represented a client charged by a Federal Indictment with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, as a result of a multiple year investigation of defrauding motor vehicle insurance carriers. Mr. Ventura’s client was labeled as a “runner” for his role in the...

Minnesota Supreme Court Victory!

Mr. Ventura effectively challenged the forfeiture of motor vehicle insurance proceeds on behalf of his client. The client’s crashed and totaled vehicle was forfeited as a result of the client’s son’s Second Degree Driving While Impaired charge. On behalf of the police...

Excellent Federal Sentence Obtained

Mr. Ventura was successful in representing his client in a federal drug conspiracy case. The Government’s allegations were that the client was involved in a conspiracy to distribute and the distribution of methamphetamine. Mr. Ventura’s client was apprehended selling...